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Traders looking for print, dog, block, art, cat, printsy, gift, limited, print,, black

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Lookin' sharp letterpress greeting card, blank inside, vintage scissors image

pressingne $4.00 USD

Tuxedo cat hand-colored block print, close-up, detail of cat nose

pressingne $12.00 USD

Dog pair block print, "Molly and Dinah" dog portrait linocut, hand-pulled, limited edition print

pressingne $35.00 USD

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies hand-colored block print, limited edition - "Bounding"

pressingne $40.00 USD

Barred Rock hen chicken block print - "Rock on"

pressingne $25.00 USD

Fiddle scroll block print with mat - "Junk shop fiddle" violin scroll print, musical instrument art

pressingne $27.00 USD

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18 FUNKY CHUNKY Square tiles, Handmade Mosaic Tiles, 3/4 to 1 1/4 Inch

Dogstars $12.00 USD

XOXO- Metallic Painting, Marble, Abstract Acrylic, Wall Hanging, Home Decor, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Original, Quote Wall Art (11x14)

Charlesand $25.00 USD

That 1970s Brass Butterfly wall art

AtomicCowg $25.00 USD

Vintage Shorts 501 Levi Strauss Classic Burgundy Dark Red W34L34 High Waist Jeans Fly Button Hand Fryed Short Pants Ripped Distressed Jeans

VintageVan $27.00 USD

4 beading patterns Fish, flamingo Lobster Hearts written paper pattern design Florida Craft children easy Pattern party, Valentine pattern

SerenitySi $12.00 USD

I Love My Dog Large Letter, Custom Made Personalized Big Letter from Your Own Photographs, Commissioned Digital Art

Butterflyi $25.00 USD

Piggy Bank- Piggy Bank for Girls- Piggy Bank for Boys- Piggy Bank Pottery- Piggy Bank with Cork- Stoneware- Handmade- Neutral Piggy Bank

BurntMillP $40.00 USD

Lookin' sharp letterpress greeting card, blank inside, vintage scissors image

pressingne $4.00 USD

Ethiopian Welo Opal Earrings " Star Drops" Sterling Silver, Opal Beads, Handmade

opaldreamz $25.00 USD

Gray and Green Crocheted Winter Hat, Puff Stitch Winter Beanie, Adult Size Unisex, Gray and Lime Green Slouchy Hat

MyModernCr $25.00 USD

OOAK Alice In Wonderland Lewis Carroll Inspired Alice Liddell - Mini Pop Culture 'Shroom - Handpainted Polymer Clay Sculpture

jdsART $25.00 USD

SUNSET EARRINGS OOAK, Handmade Lampwork & Vermeil, dangle, gift, fuschia, orange, pink

tonytigger $25.00 USD

Teacher gift, Hand knitted soft wool brown socks women socks art women socks athletic socks print socks unique socks house socks boot socks

Knitwoolso $40.00 USD

Lovely Leopard Silk Ribbon Necklace/Boho

WolfMounta $27.00 USD

Hand Crocheted Unisex Scarf in Shades of Brown and Tan

printschar $35.00 USD

Flower Necklace, Hand Painted Russian Artwork Orange Flower Necklace, Teal Accents, OOAK, Hand Painted Jewelry, Signed Artwork

madeonurth $25.00 USD

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Most common words: print, dog, block, art, cat, printsy, gift, limited, print,, black
looking for leather goods jewelry clothing (comfy) soap ceramics dog goods food candles yoga
Inspirational Word Worry Stones, ceramics
looking for Vintage floral oil paintings Burlap Coffee Sacks Wool or Linen 3 and a half yards neutral colors no black, prefer greys, heather's, creams, light pinks or coral Vintage glass beads large holes,
opal jewelry

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