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Products: bobbin lace.pattern.pillow.,stitch

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I'm looking for: bobbin lace pillow. pattern. thread. support cross stitch pattern scissors. bobbins carved olive bobbins. spanish items Manchego lace finished fan watambu bobbins. belgian bobbins.

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Traders looking for lace, bobbin, cross, to, stitch, pattern, famous, patron, learn, 1

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1+1 CROSS stitch. PATRON Genealogical Tree. Famous cross stitch pictures. A random cross stitch pattern is given Description optional.

miencajeri 5.50 EUR

1 CROSS stitch, PATRON sunset on the beach. Of joaquin SOROLLA. Famous cross stitch pictures.

miencajeri 6.50 EUR

1 CROSS stitch, PATRON DANCERS of tango. Botero Azul. Famous cross stitch pictures

miencajeri 5.50 EUR

1 CROSS stitch, PATRON BOTERO bath man. Famous cross stitch pictures

miencajeri 5.50 EUR

PATTERN, LACE learn. bobbin lace

miencajeri 5.50 EUR

50 new bobbins for bobbin lace . BAG. BELGIAN

miencajeri 60.00 EUR

2 BOBBIN LACE SHEPHERD carved olive 15 cm

miencajeri 12.00 EUR

2 BOBBIN LACE SHEPHERD carved olive 15 cm

miencajeri 12.00 EUR

2 BOBBIN LACE SHEPHERD carved olive 15 cm

miencajeri 18.00 EUR

2 BOBBIN LACE SHEPHERD carved olive 15 cm

miencajeri 12.00 EUR

6 BOBBIN LACE SHEPHERD carved olive 15 cm

miencajeri 54.00 EUR

1 CROSS stitch, PATRON BOTERO bath woman. Famous cross stitch pictures

miencajeri 5.50 EUR

Pattern, chopping, FAN. WEDDING. MARRIAGE trousseau. gift. wedding. Mantilla

miencajeri 6.50 EUR

1 Manchego bobbin lace pad

miencajeri 22.00 EUR

Pattern, chopped EASY PATTERNS start. To learn. 5 pages. handkerchiefs maximum 100 bolillos

miencajeri 5.50 EUR

1 BOBBIN LACE PAD for travel. manchego. Nueva more current version with different fabrics to choose. easier to carry. very original

miencajeri 89.00 EUR

1 Support for little world lacework

miencajeri 30.00 EUR

PATTERN, LACE learn. bobbin lace

miencajeri 5.50 EUR


miencajeri 30.00 EUR


miencajeri 28.00 EUR

50 WATAMBU SLIM bobbin lace 12 cm special

miencajeri 32.00 EUR

FAN of BALL LADDER. black. Natural wood carved and hand painted rods

miencajeri 33.00 EUR

8 BOLILLOS COLECCION noble woods. collector. present. violet stick. pink stick. ebony. boj.bocote. juniper

miencajeri 160.00 EUR

Patron, chopped, GLOVES. BRUNETTE MANTILLA. trousseau. present. wedding.

miencajeri 6.50 EUR

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Monokini - Crochet Floral Pattern - Handmade

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Nautical knot Bracelet, Sailor Knot Bracelet, Friendship Bracelet, Infinity Love Knot, Bridesmaid bracelet set of 4

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1+1 CROSS stitch. PATRON Genealogical Tree. Famous cross stitch pictures. A random cross stitch pattern is given Description optional.

miencajeri 5.50 EUR

Sailor Venus Charm, Sailor Moon Dust Plug, Anime Phone Charm, Mahou Shoujo,, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, Orange Crystal, Ribbon Charm, Mahou Kei,

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Mandala astrological Scorpio, mandala print A3 for meditation, energy mandala, purple, mandala, bohemian accessory

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Beautiful pictures - two wall pictures - wall decor - home decor - Girls - Art decor - art picture - wood picture - cafe - bar - bar posters

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Lovely little leave - wooden dreadlock bead - handmade with love

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Jacket/Sweater/skirt/skirt/dress for Doll/doll Blythe, Tangkou, Pullip, Barbie, Momoko, Licca

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Silent Metallic Pet Tag - Personalized Small Dog and Cat ID Tag - Glowing Dogtag - Custom Color Name ID - Handmade Cute Pet Collar Accessory

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20% OFF! Matching Mommy Daughter Sandals | Bohemian Sandals ''Pom Pom Candy''

ElizabethS 160.00 EUR

White Pink Ring Crystal Beadwork Clear Rivoli Glass Beaded Beadwork Bead weaving Fashion ring Japanese Clear Round Large Pink Purple Gifts

BetweenBea 12.00 EUR

Christmas gift,stocking stuffer,cadeau noel ,Leather Saddle Bagr Crossbody Saddle Bag Leather Shoulder Bag sacoche femme pochette cuir


Leather Bracelet Bronze Bracelet Gift for Her Womens Bracelet Womens Jewelry Leather Wrap Leather cuff Double wrap bracelet Christmas gift

VolkovaAcc 28.00 EUR

Steampunk jewelry, steampunk necklace, steampunk pendant, robot pendant, robot steampunk, MetrĂ³polis robot, original art, big eyes art

PoisonB 28.00 EUR

Collier married - Jade - plated gold Crystal bridal necklace - gold married necklace - jewelry - Bridal necklace drop - wedding jewelry married

AtelierSar 28.00 EUR

Sleeping Face hand painted on plywood, 6 mm thick with plywood support

NinaCateri 30.00 EUR

Earrings Horn Fuchsia Flower with Silk Pink Tassel

georginamu 30.00 EUR

Cross Favor, Cross Martyrika, Cross Bracelet, Unique Baptism Gift, Boy Baptism Favors, Greek Baptism Favor, Christening Favor, Boy Communion

JosCreatio 5.50 EUR

Johnny Cash Skull Ring Of Fire Lyrics Johnny Cash Tattoo Skull

Ganbatte 12.00 EUR

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Most common words: lace, bobbin, cross, to, stitch, pattern, famous, patron, learn, 1
looking for bobbin lace pillow. pattern. thread. support cross stitch pattern scissors. bobbins carved olive bobbins. spanish items Manchego lace finished fan watambu bobbins. belgian bobbins.
bobbin lace.pattern.pillow.,stitch
looking for earrings, cubic zirconia jewelry, fancy purses, tea cups, mugs, photography, abstract art,
Crochet and vintage
looking for Sterling silver jewelry, gemstones, Christmas gifts, anything inspired by nature...
Polymer clay jewelry, hand embroidered purses
looking for body and face scrubs and soaps, patches and buttons, candles, socks, honestly nearly anything- always looking for gifts
vintage clothes
looking for Candles, wax melts, bath bombs, cat or dog toys or accessories, macrame, yarn, gemstone beads, gemstone jewelry, crystals, gemstones, succulent planters, air plant holders, home decor, anything nifty or cool
Ready to ship knitted pieces
looking for boho/hippy clothes (medium women's), vegan products, stocking stuffers for 10yr old boy, gifts for various people.
Mini Plushies, embroidered shirts, custom clothes
looking for Anything but NO digital items or photography
looking for handmade jewelry, vintage pins, stitched jewelry
Handmade Jewelry
looking for gemstone beads, jewelry findings (badly need gold clasps, silver scrimps, gold color 49 strand size 18 stringing wire), quirky bar tools, womens trendy clothes (xl tops)
handmade jewelry, knit, crochet, destash items
looking for beeswax candles, candle holders, wax tarts, tart warmer, essential oils, craft patterns, vintage items, wood boxes, cigar boxes, artwork, dog dish mat, jewelry
Handcrafted Bohemian, Tribal, & Gothic Jewelry
looking for Hand knitted socks,native american regalia,clothes,vintage dresses, skirts, kids clothes, kids tots, gemstones, jewelry supplies, leather, antiques, collectables
Native American beaded 9
looking for yarn, beads, buttons, handmade mugs, star wars, harry potter, yarn bowl, pincushions, needle minders, Septum rings 16g, Chakra stones, soaps, crystals tarot cards
soft sculptures jewelry drawings
looking for jewelry beads felted soaps hair sticks cat toys odd bits steampunk items
jewelry and art
looking for Geek decor, Video game decor, Zelda, Mario, Candles, Christmas decor, Slime, Stocking stuffers, Bath bombs
Home decor
looking for men's items, toddler items, candles, bath items, wall decals.
druzy jewelry
looking for Ancient roman glass beads,heishi spacers Rose gold filled beads, earwires, headpins 9" X 12" lap Weaving Loom: Fur Pelts or tails: Wool Fabric 3 yds: Linen Fabric 4 yds: Hand Made Soaps: Vintage Bath Towel sets with crochet embellishme
opal jewelry
looking for home baby art decorative pillows storage organization bathroom office lighting wall decals
Custom Whimsical Photos
looking for jewelry, candles, handmade soap, essential oil rack, phone case, washi, oriental fans, natural deodorant, mugs, clocks, candy, caramel, chocolate, sculptures, wood photos, gifts
Beard oils and perfume oils
looking for vintage sewing patterns/books/fabric (especially 1930s & 1940s) pottery uranium glass woolen knits art, especially printmaking vintage printing blocks/printer's cuts
hand-pulled block prints, letterpress cards
looking for fabric vintage buttons
polymerclay dolls, switchplates and more
looking for Autumn Decor, Shabby Chic Decor, Millinery Flowers, Photography Props, Soy Candles, Holiday Decor
Crystal Jewelry, Orgonite, Resin Charms

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