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Products: fair trade fashion jewelry

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I'm looking for: soap edibles candy

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Traders looking for bead, earrings, glass, pendant, earrings,, seed, blue, beaded, fair, trade

Items for trade by dunitz

Nautilus Teardrop Beaded Earrings - Dark Blue with Grey Accenets, Nautilus Earrings, Swirl Teardrop Earrings, Fair Trade Bead Earrings

dunitz $26.00 USD

Pink Soutache Ribbon Bib Necklace, Antique Rose Pink Beaded Collar Choker, Pink Statement Necklace, Czech Glass Bead Collar Necklace

dunitz $70.00 USD

Vibrant Yellow Ribbon Collar Necklace, Soutache Bib Necklace Yellow Light Amber Green, Yellow Statement Collar Choker, Fair Trade Bib

dunitz $70.00 USD

Silver Soutache Beaded Bib Necklace, Grey Silver Collar Choker, Beaded Fire Polish Glass Soutache Necklace, Fair Trade Statement Necklace

dunitz $70.00 USD

Pink Silver Paisley Seed Bead Earrings, Rose Pink Seed Bead Earrings, Hippy Style Retro Earrings, 1960s Style Beaded Wire Earrings

dunitz $28.00 USD

Green Silver Paisley Earrings, Mint Green Seed Bead Paisley Earrings, Seafoam Blue Silver Beaded Dangle Earrings, Fair Trade Paisley Dangles

dunitz $28.00 USD

Seed Bead Paisley Earrings, Gold Light Blue Paisley Beaded Wire Earrings, Wire & Bead Retro Style Earrings, Fair Trade Glass Beaded Earrings

dunitz $28.00 USD

Crystal Beige Seed Bead Earrings, Crystal White Macrame Hoop Earrings, Beaded Summer Light Dangle Earrings, Fair Trade Natural Earrings

dunitz $28.00 USD

Rose Quartz Hoop Earrings, Pink Seed Bead Round Earrings, Pale Pink Beaded Hoop Earrings, Pink Fair Trade Bead Earrings, Glass Bead Hoops

dunitz $28.00 USD

Seed Bead Macrame Hoop Earrings, Glass Bead Dangle Earrings, Navy Blue & Copper Seed Bead Hoops, Beaded Fair Trade Round Earrings

dunitz $28.00 USD

Red Fused Glass Pendant Choker, Rectangle Glass Pendant Choker Necklace, Red Brown Choker, Macrame Choker, Fair Trade Pendant Choker

dunitz $22.00 USD

Lime Green Fused Glass Pendant Choker, Green Turquoise Choker Necklace, Turquoise Glass Pendant Choker, Lime Rectangle Fused Glass Pendant

dunitz $22.00 USD

Fused Glass Pendant Choker, Sapphire Glass Pendant Choker, Macrame Pendant Choker Neckace, Blue White Glass Pendant Necklace

dunitz $22.00 USD

PInk Seed Bead Brown Suede Bracelet, Beaded Leather Crystal Bracelet, Pink Bead Bracelet, Fair Trade Beaded Bracelet, Pink Glass Bead Cuff

dunitz $45.00 USD

Turquoise Seed Bead Bracelet on White Leather, Beaded Turquoise Silver White Bracelet, Turquoise Leather Bracelet, Fair Trade Bead Bracelet

dunitz $45.00 USD

Leather Seed Bead Bracelet, Summer Blue Bracelet, Suede Beaded Blue Bracelet, Czech Bead Leather Bracelet, Fair Trade Blue Bead Bracelet

dunitz $45.00 USD

Small Triangle Fused Glass Earrings - Blue White, Tiny Triangle Drop Earrings, Small Glass Earrings, Light Blue White, Fair Trade Earrings

dunitz $18.00 USD

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Arctic a Guardian Dragon - Handmade, OOAK

LisasOddMe $28.00 USD

Red Brown Beehive Unique Reformed Porcelain Cup

Sakuraandp $22.00 USD

Nautilus Teardrop Beaded Earrings - Dark Blue with Grey Accenets, Nautilus Earrings, Swirl Teardrop Earrings, Fair Trade Bead Earrings

dunitz $26.00 USD

1980s blouse, white with pen and watercolor style buildings, button up, collared, short sleeve shirt, medium, cotton or blend, cuffed

dnuofound $28.00 USD

Fashionable green beanie / adorable slouchy beanie 4 her / gift for sister daughter wife / perfect for autumn or winter / Christmas gift

Knitwoolso $18.00 USD

Art Nouveau Steampunk Necklace Cameo Pendant Necklace Long Necklace Black Victorian Jewelry Steampunk Jewelry Womens Gift For Her

Arkayscrea $22.00 USD

Lampwork Glass Beads in Dark Purple and Lavendor with Sterling Silver Earrings - Beautiful Color on these Lampwork Beads, Handmade, SRAJD

LuDesignsJ $18.00 USD

3 Vintage Handmade All Cotton Crochet Crocheted Baby Bibs Circa 1940s Doll Bibs Instant Collection Handmade Baby Bibs

BlackGriff $28.00 USD

Moonlit ocean block print - "the wine-dark sea"

PressingNe $22.00 USD

Vintage, Bracelet And Earring Set, Multiple Stones, Gold over Sterling

opaldreamz $70.00 USD

Traders looking for dunitz's items

Most common words: bead, earrings, glass, pendant, earrings,, seed, blue, beaded, fair, trade
looking for Burlap Coffee Sacks Wool or Linen 3 and a half yards neutral colors no black, prefer greys, heather's, creams, light pinks or coral Vintage glass beads large holes, murano glass , art glass
opal jewelry

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