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Products: Vintage school, stationery, toys

Ships from: Greece

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I'm looking for: Cosmetics Oil burner Jewelry Essential oils Handmade crafts

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Traders looking for pencil, kawaii, vintage, 1980s, ruler, supplies, school, kids, 80s, ruler.

Items for trade by JirjiMirji

Collapsible Travel Cup. 50s Advertising. Picnic Water Glass. Kitschy Tumbler. Torre

JirjiMirji 5.00 EUR

Pink Ruler with Mirror. 1980s Kawaii Ruler. Vintage Rulers. Pocket Mirror. Half Moon Ruler.

JirjiMirji 5.00 EUR

Soundy Pencil Sharpener. Red Cased Eraser. 80s Erasers and Sharpeners. Hatta Lala Duck. Kawaii Stationery.

JirjiMirji 6.90 EUR

Flomo Pencil Box. Pink Vinyl Padded Pencil Case. 1980s Summer Palm Trees. Kawaii Stationery. Funny Bird

JirjiMirji 30.90 EUR

Cherry Merry Muffin Ruler. Barbie Doll Ruler. 80s Mattel Toys. Holographic Anime Ruler. Cow Girl Barbie. Vintage Drawing Media

JirjiMirji 9.90 EUR

Kids Vinyl Pouch with Notepad and Bunny Erasers. 1980s Kawaii Stationery. Portable Memo Book. Button String Pouch. Memory Book.

JirjiMirji 14.95 EUR

Video Camera Mechanical Pencil Case. Multi-Function Pencilcase. 1980s Kitsch Pencil Box.

JirjiMirji 29.90 EUR

Mona Lisa Ruler. 80s White Rooster Ruler. Plastic Desk Ruler. Drawing Supplies. Back to School.

JirjiMirji 2.90 EUR

SOUNDY Ruler. Pocky Frog Ruler. 1980s Drawing Supplies. Back to School

JirjiMirji 4.00 EUR

Caper Cat Memo Hello Kitty Notepad Kawaii Diary Hearts Calendar Flowers Address Book Happy Day 1991 School Supplies

JirjiMirji 22.00 EUR

Heidi Handkerchief. 1980s Kids Hankie. Nippon Cotton Fabric. Japan Animation. Japanese Manga Cartoon. Vintage Kids Bandana.

JirjiMirji 15.30 EUR

Bon Bon Cat. 80s Pencil Box. Kawaii Pencil Case. Back to School. Vintage Writing Supplies

JirjiMirji 28.90 EUR

Flowers Pencil Case. 1970s Vinyl Pencil Case. Camel Color Pencil Holder. Vintage School Supplies. Office Desk Storage.

JirjiMirji 17.35 EUR

Bensia Lead Pencil. 1980s Pencils. Pop a Point Pencil. Mechanical Pencil. Cute Bear Pencil. Vintage Pencils. Kawaii Stationery.

JirjiMirji 5.00 EUR

Vintage Vinyl Doll. Japanese Doll 1960s. Naked Boy Rubber Doll. Vintage Kitsch Toys Mowgli

JirjiMirji 21.00 EUR

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Mini dolls castanets

mariendoll 4.00 EUR

Useful spinner. For spinning bobbin lace

miencajeri 20.00 EUR

Collapsible Travel Cup. 50s Advertising. Picnic Water Glass. Kitschy Tumbler. Torre

JirjiMirji 5.00 EUR

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Most common words: pencil, kawaii, vintage, 1980s, ruler, supplies, school, kids, 80s, ruler.
looking for Wool or Linen 3 and a half yards neutral colors no black, prefer greys, heather's, creams, light pinks or coral Vintage glass beads large holes, murano glass , art glass
opal jewelry
looking for Display head form, Jar or tin candles, Leather scraps, Faux leather scraps, Vintage illustrated books, Sheet music, Fine tip dry erase markers, Metal book charms, Wood wall shelves, Reusable food storage bags, Cute girl clothes, Exacto blades,
Bookish, handknits, handpainted, upcycled items
looking for pottery wooden picture frames vintage sewing patterns/books/notions fabric art - especially printmaking
hand-pulled block prints & letterpress stationery
looking for beeswax candles, candle holders, wax tarts, tart warmer, essential oils, craft patterns, vintage items, wood boxes, cigar boxes, artwork, dog dish mat, jewelry
Bohemian, Tribal, Gothic, & Traditional Jewelry
looking for Jewelry supplies Lava Beads Small jump rings men's gifts Christmas Presents for 50 something male and female
handmade jewelry silversmith items, supplies
looking for toddler clothes, kid clothes, quilts, crochet, candles, jewelry, dolls, doll clothes,vintage, home deco, kitchen, holiday, easter, saint patrick's day,st patrick, spring
looking for cross stitch supplies, home decor, paper supplies
party supplies, home decor
looking for handmade jewelry, vintage pins, stitched jewelry
Handmade Jewelry

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