Non-responding team member report

Use this form to report a shop that you find through the team, convo to trade, but never hear back from. Responding to trade requests is a big rule in our team - in fact it's the one of the only rules we have in our team! Everything else - participating in trade events, making treasuries, posting in threads - is totally optional. But if someone convos you for a trade, you're expected to reply back with a simple yes or no within 4-48 hours. It's okay to say no! But don't leave people hanging, waiting to approach another shop to find the item they need. It's very important that every shop on our team intends to comply with this rule, so we've made this handy form you can use for the team leaders to follow up if you find a shop that's gone silent. By reporting them you're really doing them a favor - if they're not trading, we don't want to be bugging them with convos, right?

For more information, see our thread: You Gotta Reply: Nice Ways To Say No To Trades

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