What's a trade event?

A trade event is when a bunch of us on the team agree to get together for a day or two to really make an extra effort towards trading. We start a chat thread, assign listmasters to take "shifts", and have a list of pre-determined shops for everyone to really try to trade with.

Why have a trade event? Can't we trade whenever we want?

Well sure, but trade events are fun! I mean technically you can buy your mom flowers any day of the year too but mothers' day is there as an extra reminder to give everyone a reason to do something special, right? Trade events are a way to maybe remind some shops that we're all here. Plus it's a time when we can keep a really active chat thread going and get to know each other.

So basically yes, you can chat and trade any time, but on trade event weekends there are a lot of shops who are making an extra special effort.

What do I need to join into the trade event?

An internet connection.

When are trade events?

We try to have trade events the first Saturday of every month. Sometimes they'll start the Friday before. Upcoming dates are: $listupcoming"; ?>

How do I get involved?

There are two ways to join in the fun:

1. Sign up as a listmaster. You'll be assigned a one-hour shift when you need to be around, keeping the chat thread active and adding new shops to The List.

2. Just show up the day of and trade with one of the shops on The List. This will add you to The List so everyone will trade with you.

Where is The List?

The list is at our website at etsytrades.com/megatrade Listmasters may also paste the list into the chat thread for easy access, but the megatrade page is the official source of the list.

What do listmasters do?

Listmasters are appointed to maintain The List. They are on The List starting from the very beginning, and will add new shops who post transaction links in the chat thread.

Listmaster sign up starts about 10 days before the event and keeps going until all slots are full.

If you are a listmaster, here's what you need to do:

  1. Check the megatrade page to be very sure what time your shift starts. Don't miss it! There are links you can click to have the page shown in your time zone - when in doubt, click the link showing what time it is where you are.
  2. Check in about ten minutes before your "shift" by posting in the trade event thread that's running in our team. If you're the FIRST listmaster and the thread isn't started yet, you might be starting it. That's okay.
  3. Hang out for your hour. Chat, post up listings from other team members that you love, just keep the thread going.
  4. When people trade, they'll post the transaction links in the thread. If a person on the list traded with a person NOT on the list, your job is to add that person to the list! You'll have a list code that should have been sent to you - ask another listmaster if you don't have it.
  5. And if the person you added had previously traded with anyone during the event, you add those people too.
  6. Go to etsytrades.com/megatrade to add the new shop. There's a box to copy the list into the chat thread so people see who's on and who's new.
  7. Here is a screenshot of what the trade page looks like on trade day.
  8. Bottom line: The team on etsy is where we chat, post listings, and "have" the event. The megatrade page on etsytrades.com is where we keep track of the official LIST so there's always one place everyone can go to know who's listed.

And the whole point is to have fun!

It sounds a little crazy the first time, but you will get it! And if you have questions, the thread in the team will have lots of active participants there to help you out. You are not alone!

I didn't get a listmaster spot. Now what?

Just show up on trade day and try to trade onto the list! We assign listmasters so that we know someone will be around every hour during the event - if the hours are full, come in any time you want!

How do I trade with someone on the list?

Browse through their shops, find an item you like and send them a convo! For more instructions check out our Trade Guidelines: etsytrades.com/about/.

I traded! Now what?

Awesome! Go to the thread and brag about the trade. Post one item from your shop and one item from their shop, preferably similar to the ones you traded so others have an idea of what's in both shops.

Then check the list and see if either of your shops are on it, and write something like...

If you have multiple shops, you can ask them to add all your shops to the list as long as they have items you're willing to trade!

After they add you, go to the etsytrades.com/Megatrade page to confirm that you're on there. You'll see a little star by your name if you were just added, until five more shops are added after you, then you lose your star.

How are multiple shops handled?

If you have multiple shops you can only sign up one shop in a listmaster spot - people need to know who to contact and expect in the thread. But you can add your other shops to the list on the day of the event.

If you trade into the list on event day, the listmaster can add all your shops at once.

What's different about the second day on a two day trade event?

No difference, each event is one big trade event with one big list. If you trade in on Friday, you are there until Saturday night.

What should I do during a trade event?

Everyone should have two goals during the event: first, get on the list. second, get more people on the list!

You get on the list by browsing through shops on the list, finding things you'd like and asking those shops if they'd like to trade with you. They can say no if they want, so you might have to try several.

Once you're on the list, monitor the chat thread to see who's trying to get on. You should also browse through our new member list and ask the newer members on the first couple pages to trade. And of course, feel free to search on this site for any random thing you want and approach the shop owner for trades - everyone on that website is either on our team, or purposefully went and signed themselves up so you should not be afraid to convo them.

Finally, just hang out in the event thread chatting about what's on your mind since everyone is there partying, you should definitely do that as well. Bond with your teamies!