Beginner's guide to trading on etsy

Trading on etsy is easy and fun! Here are some simple steps:
  1. When you find a shop you'd like to trade with, send them a convo with what items you're interested in and what you'd be willing to trade for it.
  2. Wait for a response. It's okay for them to say no, we all get a little traded out sometimes.
  3. If someone approaches you for a trade, it's polite to reply with a timely response. It's okay to say no, but it's not very nice to just string them along or ignore the request.
  4. "Purchase" your items from each other's shops, using the "other" method of payment.
    • This is not activated by default, you need to turn it on for your shop from the Payment Methods tab under Shop settings > Finances > Accepted Payments.
  5. After transactions are complete both traders ship at the same time.
  6. When you receive your item, leave feedback.
    • Remember you have only 60 days to leave feedback. In the rare event that you do not receive your item, you need to make sure you leave feedback to that effect - you paid for an item you didn't receive, that's a big deal! You should also contact your team leaders to report bad trades.
And that's it! Both parties get shiny new items, positive feedback and a sale. Everyone is happy!

DOs and DON'Ts of trading

  1. Do familiarize yourself with Etsy's policies. Read about trading on etsy - basically it states that all normal etsy fees apply, and no seller is obligated to participate in trading, and arrangements should be made through the convo system for any trade.
  2. Don't leave someone hanging without a response if they approach you for a trade. Say yes or no within 24 hours so they're not waiting. Check out our team post You Gotta Reply - Nice Ways to Say No To Page
  3. Do Report shops who don't respond after you've sent a follow-up reminder, so a captain can address the issue and dismiss them if they're not interested in trading.
  4. Do try to wrap up all trades and leave feedback within 30 days, and if something isn't going right refer to our team post: What to do if a trade goes bad.
  5. Don't be shy about asking someone on our team to trade! Remember, the worst they can do is tell you no :)
  6. Do be specific about what you want to trade for and how you see it working out. If you're interested in a $50 item and your shop is full of $30 items, are you willing to send two items for their one? What items in your shop are you more willing to trade away?
  7. Don't drop your listing prices on Etsy before a trade to lower your Etsy fees. That is not cool to Etsy, and against policy..
  8. Do leave feedback when you get your item!
  9. Don't mention in the feedback that you traded - there's no reason to do that, trades are a form of payment like anything else. You don't want to confuse the shop's paying customers.
  10. Do remember that shipping is included in the price of the trade! The goal is for everyone's total to be exactly even - if it's off by a dollar or two, offer to include something extra with the item they purchased to even things out. If it's off by more than that, you should probably settle up with paypal.
  11. Do check out our trade events the first Saturday of every month! For more info check out Trade Event FAQ.
  12. Do refresh your info on our website at least once a month by re-entering your shop name. How this works...
  13. Do subscribe to our team email digest so you can see new posts. From our team click "subscribe to email digest" on the left.
  14. Do convo the team captains if you find a shop on Etsy that you'd love to trade with but they're not on the team - we will invite them!
  15. Do include an end date on your vacation message if you go on vacation so we don't think you closed up shop.
  16. Do use the country list to find traders within your country to contact about trading. Saves on shipping!

About this website randomly pulls items listed by team members on a regular basis for you to search for. We also let people sign up and list 25 items from their shops. Anything older than 30 days old is deleted to make room for fresher stuff!

For issues or questions about this website, contact spacefem or the team.

Why Trade?

Why join trade your items on etsy? There are as many reasons as there are members of our team! Here's what some of our team members had to say for why they're on the team:

1. A cost-effective way to experience high end shopping!
We are a one income family, so the budget is stretched to the max!! When I started trading, I was able to use my felt and fleece(and time) as currency!! Right now, my bathroom is stocked with fancy handmade soaps. I have beautiful artwork on my walls, awesome mineral powder makeup, pottery, boutique style dresses for my daughter, and more. There is no way I could afford to buy these items without trading!
- FranconiaRidgeStudio

You're still getting something that costs money so it's still a sale in my mind. I am on a tight budget lately; life has thrown me around and I love being able to still get loved ones gifts!
- ArtByEmaline

2. Establish your shop's feedback reputation
I enjoy trading because it was a great way to get reviews for my shop which helped me get more people to view my shop and be able to trust me as a shop owner.
- RainnRoseArt

I have just started my shop. Trades has been a great way to get some feedback and reviews. On top of that I have gotten some great stuff and gotten to know some wonderful people.
- CrochetedbyCatherine

3. Sales for you
Both of my shops are a strictly a hobby. I enjoy it a lot, but I don't have the time or the desire to expand or engage in serious promotion, marketing or research required for generating consistent sales. I use trading as a way to monetize my hobbies (or at least not lose any money) and get some useful and fun things without all the effort of running a full-time business. It's really a win-win because I can keep it small and sustainable.
- knitsplus

4. Showing your support for the artist community
For Aristotle art was that human production made consciously. The result, therefore, of their knowledge. Following this definition we find that both the "fine arts" as the craft would have to be within the art world. We trade arts and crafts, going beyond the boredom of these current times and return to the origin of thought of ancient Greece.
- ArcsArt

You encourage and promote fellow artisans/artists by word of mouth whenever you use or wear their item, someone sees it in your home, or you give something as a gift. It's always good to have a network of artists you can recommend to someone or keep in mind for gift ideas.
- Paradoxxe

I love trade because you can become friends with all the people you can trade with.
- Shadowlune

5. Move listings before they expire Sometimes I'll go through all the trouble of photographing and describing a product, but it's not selling. That's when I turn to the trade team! I see who on the team wants it and get something I love in return. I feel like I've used my listing fees wisely whenever that happens - everything finds a good home instead of just expiring from my shop
- Spacefem

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